One of Jeremiah Slawin’s many lasting legacies was teaching his many grandchildren the art of Torah reading. Always thinking ahead, he made cassette tape recordings of at least a part of every chapter of the Torah. These recordings have now been digitized and organized for easier use. Just click on the desired chapter link to the left and listen to the specific recording. It’s as easy as that!

"My Life" as written by Leo I. Slawin

I was born in 1931- in a shtetl (small town) called Dunilowicze, in the Northeastern part of Poland. The town consisted of approximately 2000 gentiles and 1000 Jews. There were three synagogues, one Rabbi, a mikve (ritual bath) – a bath house, 2 shochets – a Rebbe (Hebrew Teacher)

Our immediate family consisted of my older sister, Bosie Chave (Batie-Eva), my mother Soshke (Sonia), my dad Irme (Jeremiah), my mother’s mother Bube Bayle-Gesie (B.G.), and her Father Zeide (grandpa) Ohrn (Aaron).

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Torah Readings